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7491-S1-8029 15 
 Emmanual College, Cambridge 
 Keywords: Emmanual College, Cambridge, Cambridge University, Colleges
7491-S1-8029 2 
 Crocuses, Trinity College Cambridge 
 Keywords: Crocuses, Flowers, Trinity College, Cambridge, The Backs
7491-S1-8754 7 
 Clare College Bridge, Cambridge, Cambridge University
7491-S1-8755 51 
 Decorative Rainpipe, St John's College, Cambridge 
 Keywords: Decorative Rainpipe, St John's College, Cambridge
 Downing Sundial 
 Keywords: Cambridge, Downing College, Sundial
CNV00014 (1) 
 Clare College Bridge 
 Keywords: Bridge, Cambridge, Clare College, Cambridge University

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